Watches are offered in three categories

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New in Box

New & Previous Year’s Models
Available below retail


Like New

‘Like New’ condition
35% to 45% below retail


Slightly Used

‘Slightly Used’ condition
35% to 45% below retail

More Fine Watch Brands also available!
Cartier, Concord, Patek Phillipe and more…
Please call or email for price quotes.

“NOTE”….at this time, All Rolex Stainless Steel and Sub-Mariner’s are in high demand.

Contact us to get the latest breaking news on these items and other Rolex ‘windfalls’. Don’t miss out!

We will send email to interested parties as they arrive!

Rolex Accessories

Supreme quality. Courteous service.
Above all, “Emphasis on Excellence.” This defines our products.
Whatever you are looking for…replacements for your Rolex dials, Rolex diamond bezels, Rolex bezels, Rolex bracelets; you can count on superior items from Gillespie Jewelers.

Browse through our collection of quality Rolex & other fine watch accessories. If you have any questions regarding our Rolex or other fine watch accessories, feel free to contact us for more information.

(Online access to Rolex products and accessories will be available online soon.)
Please contact us for price quotes