• 5 Star Review by Matt T.

    I recently had an engagement ring done with Gillespie Jewelers and it came out amazing! I had a specific design in mind and they were able to capture what I wanted in the CAD design and the final product. They were also flexible with me on diamond selection and worked with me on getting just the right diamond for our ring. We were also on a tight schedule since I needed the ring prior to leaving the country for our vacation (on which I was going to propose), and they were able to deliver…they got me exactly what I wanted in time and it looked beautiful! My fiance loves her ring and she gets so many compliments on it! As a result of my great experience here I will be returning to have a cubic zirconia made of the engagement ring (for travel purposes). We will also be returning to Gillespie to have our wedding bands made. Going through the process with Gillespie was an enjoyable experience, and it took a lot of the pressure off of the ring buying process. I always enjoyed going into the store and talking with them, and I look forward to heading there again soon. Pros: Great custom jeweler Flexibility Customer service One on one attention Good prices Nice staff Cons: Not a lot of “off the shelf” items, but that was why I went there (I wanted something custom made).

    5 Star Review by Matt T. 6/26/13 at Yelp
  • 5 Star Review by Craig F.

    Nine years ago I had Kim custom make my wife’s wedding ring based on a picture she was looking at and was very pleased with his work. He truly is a master artisan of his trade. We recently came back in to upgrade her main stone and he really came through for us. I looked at a couple of chain stores and realized very quickly no one could match Kim’s service and integrity…. and his price was much better as well. He really works FOR his clients making sure they get the best they can get within their budget.

    5 Star Review by Craig F. 5/25/13 at Yelp
  • 5 Star Review by Crystal C.

    I absolutely love Gillespie Jewelers. I first came to them to create/design my wedding band. They were very meticulous in getting the right stones and matching my wedding band (which my fiancé purchased at a diff place) to make it look like a perfect set. Before my wedding band was finished I moved out of state but they still did an excellent job at getting me just what I wanted. These people rock at customer service! You won’t be disappointed!

    5 Star Review by Crystal C. 1/11/13 at Yelp
  • 5 Star Review by Rosy A.

    I sold them some jewelry I never wear and received more than I expected. They were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back whenever I need to sell again and when shopping around for new stuff.

    5 Star Review by Rosy A. 6/15/12 at Yelp
  • 5 Star Review by Lisa S.

    Everything was seamless, easy, they were so friendly, accommodating, professional and the prices were more than impressive. I won’t ever buy from a retailer again. I’ll update this review with pictures once we receive the rings and see if they can maintain the A+ they have earned so far. Kim, Lacye, and Nikki were so great to work with through the entire process and went out of their way to make sure we were happy. A week after we placed the ordered , we realized how close it was to our anniversary and asked if it was possible to have both rings made weeks earlier than what they promised. Kim work extra hard to make sure the rings were ready early and it did not go unnoticed. They not only kept their A+ but they got a customer for life. I now KNOW that I won’t go anywhere else for my jewelry needs.

    5 Star Review by Lisa S. 2/8/12 at Yelp
  • 5 Star Review by Elizabeth H.

    We got our engagement rings today, and Gillespie did a great job! I’ve been planning out my ring since last year. I went through different websites, and put all of the pictures I collected onto one collage. I also made notes to let Kim know what aspects I liked of the various rings. Kim and his assistant, Layce, we’re very accommodating. They had great ideas – one being that the bottom should be solid so it is less expensive when it’s needs to be re-sized. When I got the ring back today it even had a wave on the solid portion of the ring. They also picked out beautiful colors for our birthstones. They are great at what they do, and their CAD artists are talented. What I loved was that I knew exactly what the ring would look like before it was made. CAD drawings and a computer generated mock-up was done. After that, a wax version was made. The CAD work will be the most true to life version of the actual ring. The wax version will be slightly smaller. This is one of the reasons you can try the wax on your pinky and not on your actual ring finger, plus the wax is also very delicate. The cost was less than many settings out there, and when you’re involved with how the ring will look it’s more meaningful. One thing you have to know, though, is that Kim does ALL of the jewelry. With the amount of business they have, I had to be open to finish dates. I highly recommend them! I have attached a few pictures so you can see the details of the scrolls, curves, leaves, and vines.

    5 Star Review by Elizabeth H. 4/6/11 at Yelp