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Comments from our customers...

At Gillespie Jewelers, we focus on helping our clients create one of a kind, hand-made jewelry
featuring exceptional metals, diamonds and gemstones. 
We offer outstanding quality and incredible value to each and everyone one of our customers. 

The best measure of our success are the testimonials and comments we receive. 


Kim, Layce,
Just wanted to get back to you and let you know how much Robbie loves her new ring.
And rightly so, as it is beautiful.
Thank you both so much for making it so easy.

By the way... she did say yes. :-)    


Layce and Kim,

What an absolutely amazing job you did on my ring!  WOW!  You both are truly wonderful people to work with.  My hands trembled as I put on my ring and I constantly catch myself staring at it!  People are amazed by my ring...I can't believe all the comments.  It is truly original and doesn't look like anything I've seen before.  My husband and I can't wait to see what his ring will look like!   I can't say enough about the unique design and workmanship that was put into it! 

Shelly Cox

Dear Kim and Layce,

Dean and I would like to thank you for the exquisite jewelry items that you have created for us over the years. We are very pleased with the meticulous craftsmanship and the unique character that can only be found in custom creations. Specifically, we are extremely delighted with the engagement ring and our wedding bands. Each one is a splendid work of art! Your policy of working on a project until the customer is completely satisfied is greatly appreciated. We highly recommend Gillespie Jewelers to those who are looking for outstanding quality, personalized service, and flawless attention to detail.


Dean & Jill Baker


Dear Kim and Lacey,

Six months after receiving the fourth custom design as a special gift from my husband and family, and numerous compliments from friends and strangers alike, I finally am saying thank you for your great work.  Not only have the designs been beautiful to look at, they have fit into a very busy lifestyle that does not always take the cautions one should with fine jewelry.  I guess that means that they are very comfortable to wear too!

Hoping to see more of your great designs in the future, I/we are thrilled customers and wish you the best.

Sue Jones

Denis Jones

To: Kim & Layce @ Gillespie Jewelers

I had lost a stone from my wedding ring.  Our original jeweler was now 1200 miles away and basically retired.
My husband and I were being very discriminatory about taking my ring to any jeweler to have the stone replaced.  We have experienced the bad and the good with jewelers, knowing the goods ones are hard to find.  Finally, after not being able to wear my ring for over a year, by luck we happened to stroll past Gillespie's store front.  Kim and Layce were very understanding and patient.  They did everything they could to make us feel comfortable in having my ring repaired.  Kim is an excellent craftsman and genuinely loves what he does.  That is hard to find these days.  Because of the positive experience we had, Gillespie Jewelers is our jeweler from now on, even if they are 1200 miles away!

Thank you,
Mrs. Anita Mueller

Layce and Kim,

On behalf of myself and my wife (the true benefactor of all of your creations) 
I want to say how glad we are that we found a quality jeweler like Gillespie Jewelers.  
You have provided beautiful custom designs for all of our special occasions.  
I can't say enough how delighted my wife was when a diamond ring that was eaten by our dog and thought to be un-repairable, was made better than new by Gillespie Jewelers.  
For our tenth anniversary, I promised my wife a new diamond ring.  She won't go anywhere but Gillespie's to have it made.
Thank you for all of your work over the past years.  I always know where to shop either at Christmas or birthday time.  I'm sure to be there a lot more as my two daughters grow into teenagers.

David Monday
Group 1 Software
Western Regional Manager


Kim and Layce:

I am extremely pleased with my recent acquisition from Gillespie Jewelers.  The quality and value are unbelievable. The item exceeded my expectations and the long-distance transaction was handled in a very expeditious and professional manner.  I also appreciate the time that each of you took to answer my questions.
You may consider me a very happy customer who will be returning to do business again.  My introduction to you was by referral, and I hope to refer many others to you. 

Jean B.


Kim and Lacy,
Thank you so much for designing such beautiful earrings that were purchased by Damon for our anniversary. You guys do such good work. I really love them! I still get so many compliments on my wedding ring and the bracelet. I'm so glad that Damon chose to buy jewelry from you all.

Eulondra Rowe

We are getting ready for our trip - but I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you how absolutely STUNNING the ring is!  Every time I study it, I see more and more detail - the flowers (such a perfect touch!) etc.. - all the mark of an artist extraordinaire.  The diamond is complimented in a manner that is so fitting.  You were right - it is a piece of art for the finger, and my finger has never looked this good!
So, thank you so much for all of your hard work on my ring.  We are truly the beneficiaries of your artistic visions and skills!
Kind regards,
Connie & Craig Willan 

Another proud owner of a Gillespie Jewelers Masterpiece.  Many thanks to you !

Officer Burnside